Facet Diagrams
  • Al Manestar – Maple Leaf Designs
  • Arya Akhavan – Faceting 101 Series
  • Tom Herbst – Designs

  • Facet Diagram Websites
  • Gemology Project – Gemology Online Faceting Diagram database
  • IGS – Gemstone Faceting Diagrams and Technical Cutting Information
  • United States Faceters Guild – Faceting Diagrams
  • Dan’s Starr Gems – Designs
  • Gem Sphalerite – Faceting Diagrams
  • RSA Gems – Facet Diagrams
  • The International Faceting Academy – Learn Faceting Sequencing
  • Andrew Brown – Faceting Design
  • John Bailey – Original Gem Faceting Designs and Certificate of Design Program

  • Books
  • Tom Herbst – Amateur Gemstone Faceting Vol 1 and 2
  • Robert H. Long & Norman W. Steele – Introduction to Meetpoint Faceting
  • Justin K. Prim – The Secret Teachings of Gemcutting: 50 Classic Gemstone Designs
  • Note: Our guild also has a few donated books, several newsletters for our and other guilds and clubs, useful articles and a collection of designs available in Toronto for Member’s Only private viewing. A digital warehouse is in progress. We hope to add our NYFG newsletter collections to the website in 2022 under a ‘secure login feature’.

  • Facetron
  • Note: If you are a Member and in the market for a new Facetron, we have a Facetron dealer in the guild.
  • Robert Hall Originals (CANADIAN BUSINESS)
  • Kent Supplies (CANADIAN BUSINESS)
  • Gearloose Lapidary
  • Johnson Brothers Lapidary
  • Arrowhead Lapidary Supply
  • Lightning Laps

  • Software
  • Gem Cut Studio
  • GemCad
  • Note: We have in-guild help available for both programs.

    Videos and YouTube Channels
    A partial list of clubs for rock collecting, gems and minerals, etc.

  • Central Canadian Federation of Mineralogical Societies (CCFMS)
  • Note: We are a CCFMS affiliated club in good standing. Our members are welcome on their field trips if they have the required gear and equipment. Also check for trips led by Ashley Pollock (London club) as she hosts open trips.

  • Brantford Lapidary and Mineral Society
  • Kawartha Rock & Fossil Club
  • Kingston Lapidary and Mineral Club
  • London Gem, Mineral & Fossil Society
  • Niagara Peninsula Geological Society
  • Ottawa Lapsmith & Mineral Club
  • Scarborough Gem & Mineral Club
  • Walker Mineralogical Club
  • Kitchener Waterloo Gem & Mineral Club

  • Outside Ontario
  • BC Faceters Guild
  • Calgary Faceter’s Guild

  • Other Organizations